Photo with permission of the Idaho Historical Society.

Are you a spectator? an eye witness? a star gazer? a visionary?

Then welcome to the Barber Town Eye Care family.
As a community-centered, veteran-owned business, every patient is our top priority.
We pride ourselves on being able to help YOU see your very best – while looking your best!

Our boutique setting features a large selection of stylish glasses for every lifestyle.

If you’re a fashionista, check out the Europa, Westgroupe, and OWP brands.

And if you prefer to head outdoors for recreation, Champion, Nike, O’Neill, and Dragon frames might fit the bill.

Whatever your EYEdeal style… we’ve got your eyes covered!

P. S. We’re dog-friendly!

A black and white dog is sitting with a bandanna around his neck and a pair of sunglasses on his face.

Our pup, Crash, is trying on some cool new frames for summer!

The (Hi)story behind our Name

The Barber dam, mill, power plant, and company town were built by the Barber Lumber Company in the early 1900s, to process timber harvested north of Boise. At one time, the tree-lined streets of the bustling mill town housed 105 families, and included a hotel, general store and an eight grade public school. The mill was in operation until the Great Depression forced its closure and dismantling in 1934.  Many of the original homes were relocated to Boise. Today only the powerhouse and dam remain. The site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.
Posted with permission of the Idaho Historical Society


We carry a variety of unique and cutting edge eyewear brands.

For further information select one of the brands below.

Do you have a smaller than average face? Then check out Kliik, a Danish company with a clean modern aesthetic.

On the other hand, if you are in need of glasses that fit a wider bridge, take a peek at the glamorous offerings from Glemaud x Tura, tailored for women of color.

Trendy Fysh, a UK company, also caters to women, focusing on cool urban frames.


From the Europa Eyewear Company we carry Michael Ryen, designed for men.

MODO engages in philanthropy by giving back to communities and children in need.

Or take a gander at Dragon, which includes a plant-based resin line in addition to its upcycled collection.  

If you are searching for avant-garde glasses, you can’t go wrong with OWP, or Gwen Stefani’s luxurious L.A.M.B.

Mexx, a playful OWP brand, is funky and fresh, with bright (even some neon!) frames.

Whether or not you ride the waves, iconic Maui Jim is always an option.

Finally, as previously mentioned, the Champion, Nike, and O’Neill brands focus on sports eyewear.



The American Optometric Association (AOA) guidelines recommend comprehensive eye examinations every one to two years, depending on the ages and/or needs of patients.

These exams involve careful testing of all aspects of your vision.  Not only do we check your visual acuity, but we also evaluate the health of your eyes.  This allows us to find early signs of serious eye problems, including glaucomacataracts, and macular degeneration.

Additionally, eye examinations provide us with the ability to detect early signs of serious general health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and risk of stroke.

Based on the results of your exam, we then recommend a treatment plan for your individual needs.

contact lens fitting

In order to successfully wear contact lenses, you will need lens care kits, as well as tailored instructions for hygiene.  Barber Town Eye Care provides these along with follow up visits and tips as needed to maximize the comfort of your new contacts.

emergency eye care

In many cases an optometrist is better equipped to treat emergencies involving the eyes than an ER.  If you find that you are experiencing symptoms listed below during our working hours, please contact our office for an immediate evaluation:

  • Eye infections
  • Foreign bodies
  • Trauma to the eyes
  • Scratched eyes
  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Lost or broken contact lenses or eyeglasses
  • Flashes or Floaters in your vision
  • Red or painful eyes
  • Dislodged contact lenses
  • Uncomfortable, itchy, or irritated eyes

diagnosis and management of ocular diseases and conditions

We can assist in the management of numerous maladies affecting your eyes.  Below is a partial list of conditions we are able to treat:

Our Team

Dr. Schilling

Born in Danville, Illinois, Dr. William (Bill) Schilling moved to Idaho when he was ten years old.  After graduating from Jerome High School, he spent a year at Boise State University before his desire for adventure led him to join the Air Force.  An initial four years of active duty were followed by another sixteen in the Idaho Air National Guard.  During twenty years of military service, Bill was able to travel to six of our seven continents! Unless there is suddenly a need for eye exams there, he will skip Antarctica.

While in the Guard, Bill earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Boise State University.  Approaching the end of his service, he decided it was time for new adventures and completed graduate studies at the Pacific University College of Optometry in 2010. Initially practicing optometry in the Northern Idaho town of Hayden, he moved to South East Boise after three years.

In 2015, bent on yet another adventure, Dr. Schilling opened his own practice in the South East Boise nook known as Bown Crossing.

Barber Town Eye Care is a labor of love, and Dr. Schilling has been growing the business as surrounding area flourishes!

Dr. Schilling is proudly a member of both the American Optometric Association and the Idaho Optometric Physicians.

Jessi; Office Manager

Jessi is a native Idahoan, born and raised in Boise.
She found the optical field by accident while diving into the real world after college, and has been in it for over a decade now. She’s done it all – from optician to office manager (her current position).
When she is not at work, she can be found spending time with her fiancé
and their rescue animals, playing video games, or reading a good book.

MIRANDA; Jane of all trades

Miranda was born in Kansas, and grew up in rural Idaho.

She entered Boise Bible College in 2010,  graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2014.  Not long thereafter, in 2015, she randomly fell into the world of optometry and is now in love with the field.

Her favorite part is seeing a patient’s reaction after picking out the frame that best suits their lifestyle and makes them feel confident. 

In her spare time she can be found spending time with her family, being a nerd (video games/anime), reading, or having a sword fight with the toddler warrior that runs her world!

Contact Us

To make an appointment, or request information, please fill out our contact form, and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Or call or text us at (208) 957-6504.  Note that our business hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:15 am to 6:15 pm. We are closed Friday through Sunday.

We are located at 3132 S Bown Way,  Boise, ID  83706 

Business Hours

Monday – Thursday

8:15 am – 6:15 pm